In this page you can download the Equivalent Polynomials Library (EQP Library) and the related documentation.

Currently, EQP Library  includes functions for the evaluation of Equivalent Polynomials for the following linear 2D and 3D finite elements:
  • linear triangle;
  • linear quadrilateral;
  • linear tetrahedron;
  • linear hexahedron.

EQP Library archive download contains:
  • a pdf application note illustrating the Library and its usage;
  • the FORTRAN90 source code of the Library;
  • a FORTRAN90 usage example file
  • the BibTeX file of the References to be cited to support the deelopment work of this Library

If you find this Library useful, please always cite the following two papers in all your works making their use:

  1. Ventura G., On the elimination of quadrature subcells for discontinuous functions in the extended finite-element method. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 66 (2006) 761–795.
  2. Ventura G., Benvenuti E., Equivalent polynomials for quadrature in heaviside function enriched elements, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 102 (2015) 688–710.